$141,382 have been raised for #GivingTuesday in Bulgaria. The month of Generosity goes on

300х250 2020 GT enA promise of another $5000 in corporate donations has been confirmed.

Generosity and empathy took over social networks in Bulgaria on 1 December 2020.

Defying the crisis, the COVID pandemic and the physical distance we all need to comply with, on #GivingTuesday thousands of people exchanged words of kindness and donated a total of almost $142,000 for various charity causes, using the two donation platforms, BCause Foundation manages: DMSbg.com and Platformata.bg.

This is the total amount of donations, both individual and corporate, for the “two weeks of generosity” (27 November - 11 December). Another $5000 have been promised by companies, who “adopted” various causes and started campaigns among their employees.

This year’s motto in Bulgaria was “Donate for a cause, close to your heart” and many activists, celebrities, organizations and companies united behind it. We created personalized visuals of the motto.

We promoted a short video, serving as an announcement to #GivingTuesday. A popular radio host, Desislava Yordanova, generously volunteered as the voice behind the images.

BCause Foundation is the official partner of #GivingTuesday for Bulgaria and we asked some celebrities to support our campaign.

We are very happy that two of the most popular young actresses in Bulgaria sent personal video messages to givers: Silvia Petkova and Yoanna Temelkova. Their videos were seen by thousands of people, following them on social media.

What was our main effort for #GivingTuesday 2020?

In 2020 BCause Foundation organized a #GivingTuesday Accelerator.

Its focus was on organizations which are active but have limited resources to campaign by themselves. We announced a competition and chose 12 finalists, all of them focused on various activities: children, deprived of parent care, environment, children and young people with disabilities, mental health, biodiversity, culture.

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We used our years of experience to train these organizations how to make successful fundraising campaigns and as a result, they started their own fundraising campaigns at platformata.bg and DMSbg.com.

During the extensive training we held with all of the organizations, both individual and group, we were also supported by one of the most renowned communication experts in Bulgaria, Justine Toms, who also gave great communication advice to the trainees.

For two weeks the organizations’ campaigns managed to raise almost $32,159. All of these campaigns will be active until the end of December, so we expect donations to keep coming, especially as Christmas is upon us.

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We supported the organizations from the Accelerator with small amounts for Facebook Ads.

Another perk from our Accelerator was the professional pro bono expertise that was given to each of the organizations from PR and marketing experts. We coordinated and connected these communication volunteers with an organization in communication need, right in the spirit of #GivingTuesday. We are happy that all of these people were so enthusiastic about the whole thing that kept sharing posts with the Bulgarian translation of the tag: #ЩедриятВторник.

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On occasion of #GivingTuesday several companies created their own corporate donation pages at platformata.bg and turned to their employees, urging them to donate by setting an example with a corporate donation. Among them are TeleLink, GVC Services Bulgaria, Ubisoft Sofia, MFG, DXC and Paysafe.

Among them was Telus International Europe in Bulgaria, which supported five organizations with $1300 each and also giving their employees and the general public an opportunity to donate to them at their corporate social profile on platformata.bg.

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How we spread the word for #GivingTuesday 2020?

Media coverage this year was considerable.

All three national televisions, Bulgarian National Television, BTV and Nova TV, covered #GivingTuesday and it was part of the evening newscasts.

Bulgarian National Radio and many of the local representatives of its network also covered the Day of Generosity by taking interviews with our representatives.

Dozens of other important radio stations, among them a very popular radio station, Darik Radio, television channels and online media covered #GivingTuesday, adding up to more than an hour of airing time, talking about all the initiative in Bulgaria and the concept behind the global movement #GivingTuesday.

Our campaign was supported by our partner in managing DMSbg.com – The Bulgarian Donor Forum, The Bulgarian Society of PR Specialists, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders, the British-Bulgarian Business Association, WWF.

This year we started an Instagram profile of #GivingTuesday in Bulgaria and are planning on developing it, moving forward.



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We continue to develop our designated website:

We are also happy that in 2020 we started a Wikipedia sub-page in Bulgarian, dedicated to #GivingTuesday.

We would also like to thank our sponsor TICK 42, who provided the resources for the Facebook Ads.

We are very proud that even in this most challenging period, our fellow countrymen took active part in #GivingTuesday and spread the word about it, spread words of kindness, acts of love and generosity.

We believe the movement is getting more and more popular in Bulgaria and can’t wait to start planning for next year.


Why BCause Foundation is the Bulgarian partner of #GivingTuesday?

BCause Foundation is an organization, whose work focuses on giving, developing the giving culture as well as social investments.

One of our most important activities is to make popular and support giving cause by providing easy and convenient ways to give. Having this in mind, we initiate and take part in various projects, which inform, analyze, inspire and celebrate giving and generosity.

Each year we support more than 200 campaigns to raise money through the platform for sending donor texts and online donations DMS 17777, the giving online platform Platformata.bg and our system for payroll giving.

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